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Activity Matrix
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This following activity matrix is presented here to show another way of  making sure that the activities of a child have relevance to their stated goals.


When using the activity matrix and developing future activities, it is important that all individuals understand why they are engaged in various activities and are grounded in the philosophy behind the strategies involved.  When generating activities for ________, her team will look for opportunities to reinforce the following functional skills for _______.

_______'s Jobs or skills:

1. _____will respond through the use of vocalizations, facial expressions and/or body gestures to indicate her desire to continue on with an activity.   (Pause periodically and ask her if she wishes to do more of the activity).

2. _______ will activate a switch with verbal (& or physical) prompting for a variety of functional activities to provide social feedback, sensory stimulation and service to herself and others (e.g. Big Mack, Big Red Switch).

Subject Class Activity

Child's Activity

Language Arts Writing (Autumn/
  • "Object Scrapbook": ________could collect souvenirs from her school field trips, which can be placed into a theme related bin.  These can be reviewed with ________ and a classmate for sensory stimulation.  Items could include moist and dry leaves to scrunch with hand over hand, a pumpkin to clean out with _______'s bare hands, etc. If _____ seems to be enjoying the sensation, stop, look for a response, reinforce verbally with a scripted routine from the personal dictionary and then continue with the activity.
  • For all activities, engage _______with her sensory cues before starting each activity, if possible.  _____"s job is to experience the touch, sound or smell of the object and learn to anticipate the upcoming activity.
  • School trips could involve a visit to the farm when studying about Pilgrims or Harvest. _______ could use her "Big Mack" to tell her family about the trip.
  • _______could use her switch to blend recipe items from various dishes using vegetables from the field.  She can also taste, smell and feel each item as it is being introduced to the recipe.  Note _____'s response to the various sensory experiences and frequently use the "Personal Dictionary" scripted routines, (e.g., "I see you.....; I think you are telling me"......; Respond) This could be set up at a station in the room where classmates would work with ____ and her S.E.A. when they finish their work.  Peers should be encouraged to use the scripted routines with ______as well.. 
Socials Indian Legends
  • _____ might bring in a salmon to bake for the class as part of an Indian supper.   She could use the switch to grind up onion, lemon and herbs to sprinkle over the fish.  Expose her to smells and touches of the fish, lemon and onion, etc. (During this sensory experience, utilize the "Personal Dictionary" and/or other scripted routines.)
  • ____uses her red dot switch and AbleNet control box to activate a blender or other equipment to make a recipe which relates to a theme with peers at a centre, (e.g. cookies shaped like Indian Legendary characters, such as the raven, etc.)
  • For story writing, classmates can read their stories about Indian Legends, into the tape recorder.  ________can use a switch (with delay timer) to play it back to the class for sharing time or author's corner.
Studying Pilgrims
  • _______could use her "Big Mack" for voice output in a play about an explorer who became friends with a native Indian group.  Some class mates could put on the play with _____. She could also operate a switch with sounds effects such as the chanting of an Indian tribe.
  • ________ and classmates could color large two sided paper totem poles with paint (finger) or smelly felts, (hand over hand), which can later be stuffed with news paper and stapled together.  During the sensory experience, stop and look for a response from _____.  Follow through with "Personal Dictionary" and/or other scripted routines.
Science Mammals
  • ______could use a switch to activate a tape recorder or record with mammal sounds on it (e.g., whales) while the class is working on a writing project about endangered animals. Use the AbleNet delay timer set for a few minutes at a time.
  • _______could use pudding or finger paint to create interesting pictures on large sheets of paper. Use different parts of her hand and fingers for varied sensations and erects. (Note ____'s reactions and implement "Personal Dictionary" and/or other scripted routines.) Peers could do this with _____as well. This would be an interesting and fun station in the class. After the painted sheets dry, cut out the shape of various mammals.   Classmates have to guess by the shape, which mammal it is.  Clues could be posted on ______'s Big Mack.
  • Use a switch operated mix master for play dough or cookie dough to make models of mammals and their habitats. You may wish to add scents ______responds to.
  • Use a litebrite to create mystery pictures of mammals which classmates have to guess. The classmates create the pictures and _______could use a switch to illuminate the pictures. Check this activity out with your local vision teacher to see if it would be motivating for _____.
  • Program _____'s Big Mack with an interesting fact or riddle about mammals for the morning.  Use the tactile cues before starting this routine activity each morning, if possible.  _____'s job is to feel the object and learn to anticipate the upcoming activity.  Classmates will need to reinforce her for this activity as _______ will not get much out of the information itself.  Reinforcement can be verbal or physical, (e.g., a stroke on her arm or a squeeze of her hand.)
  • Have ______ pop popcorn with a switch before a movie about endangered animals.  In this way, she is contributing something enjoyable to her classmates.  Place her other hand on the popcorn popper to experience more sensory stimulation.



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