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Inclusion Links
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This page is under even more construction than the rest of the web site.  Links will be added as I find them.  Thanks for your patience.  There are many more links on the PISP site.  Please click on the logo below.

This page will be a hodge podge of information on inclusion, special education, home schooling, etc.  Please feel free to send me any links you know of that would fit on this page.

AAP School Health Resources for Pediatricians (this site is mostly for Pediatricians but has interesting info) Medical Information  (this is medical information aimed at school nurses.   However it has some really interesting info that most of us can get something from.)

Special Education Review Submission - 022 (information about the Hospital Homebound program in BC)

Title_Page School District 42 in BC web site

Inclusion Press Home Page nclusion Press Home Page (books about inclusion)

Circle of Inclusion(about inclusive early childhood education program for children up to age 8.  Looks like a great site)

The Inclusion Network - Working To Build A More Inclusive World by engaging people with disabilities in all our daily activities at school at work at home and in the community.

Inclusion...Yours Mine Ours (by the Florida Inclusion Network, lots of info, aimed mostly at teachers)

Inclusion of Students With Special Needs Teaching and Learning Resources and Strategies (database serving all teachers and school districts in Washington state)

Inclusive Technology - Enabling Education Network (EENET) (this site is based in the UK.  It looks interesting though)

Including Your Child - Table of Contents  This is a booklet from the US Department of Education.   It looks wonderful.  The entire booklet seems to be here, pictures too!   It's aimed at families and looks quite easy to read.

Michael Giangreco's Home Page (information about various aspects of inclusive education.   Talks about methods called COACH, and VISTA

Project CHOICES Home (a "least restrictive environment" initiative by Illinois State board of Education

Inclusion home page (UK's inclusion site)





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